A relationship that isn’t working, a breakup that you haven’t moved on from, the fear of having to reject your partner in bed so as not to feel like you are failing again, a sad life where you lost your smile and don’t remember when … unfortunately, it becomes more and more frequent every time.

Nobody teaches you how to be a couple, nobody explains how to improve your sexual relations, and mainly: nobody, possibly until now, has taught you to believe in yourself. Has anyone ever told you what to do, how and when to make your whole life work successfully?

As you read I can almost hear the engine of your heartbeat, a strong heartbeat that wants to roar the only way it knows how. If I asked you which car you most identify with, what would you tell me?


Perhaps it sounds cliché to you but I know that you hide a “Ferrari” inside you. Don’t settle for less, no matter what people have told you since you were little.

You are a "Ferrari" that can go through life at 350 km/h.

For your racing car to run like lightning to all your desired destinations, it must have the following in perfect condition:

Ultimately, I would like to believe that I can be the mechanic of your sports car: a professional who knows how to diagnose what is happening and give you the tools to find the most appropriate solution.

I have spent 14 years studying and practicing Sexology, Sexual Therapy and Couples Therapy. I am a Family Physician Specializing in Hospital Emergencies and, also, an expert in Brief Systemic Therapy Focused on Solutions. My latest madness has been to obtain the title of Expert in High Impact Techniques.

You have been able to see me in…

If you’ve read this far, I imagine you want to know exactly how I can help you. Here is a sample of what I do:

Couples therapy

Topics of jealousy, infidelities, separations or breakups, communication problems, monotony ...

Sex therapy

Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, lack of desire, anorgasmia, vaginismus, and dyspareunia.

Individual therapies

Overcoming sexual abuse, surviving rape or mistreatment situations.

Nevertheless, because each individual is a world and each couple a universe, I prefer that you ask me for an appointment when you feel comfortable, and that we can chat for a while.


Tell me what is happening to you so that I can explain how it can be solved. And, if for any reason I can not help you, I will give you advice on where you can fix your situation.


For once, prioritize yourself and invest your time in the person you should love the most: the one who looks at you every day in front of the mirror.

Do you want to start the Ferrari? Let the engine roar!