Below I will provide details of everything I can help you with and the services that I offer.

Couples Therapy

Nobody has taught you how to be a couple, I know. The same thing happened to me until I decided to train in Sexology. I would have avoided many mistakes if only I had known how!

Now I encounter many couples who hurt each other, despite the fact that they love each other. It can be for different reasons: jealousy, infidelity, unfulfilled expectations, communication difficulties, not knowing how to forgive or forget previously committed damages, being in a routine … Each couple has their reasons and they are all valid.

Spain is ranked the second European country where most separations have accumulated. However, many of them could have been avoided if couples therapy had been done on time.

When a couple invests in therapy, in the end what they are doing is investing in themselves. Regardless of the following scenarios:

The only option that is not valid, or at least for me, is to do nothing. In the end, passivity consumes the relationship and leads to disrespect and harm inflicted against a person who was once truly loved.

If you don’t want that to happen to you, make a decision and act on it.

Ask me for an appointment and we’ll chat.

Individual Therapy

There are moments in life when one feels lost, knowing that you have to make decisions but not knowing what to do. One ends up feeling alone, with so much emotional baggage: kilos of guilt and a suit of sadness that you put on every morning when you wake up. And that’s how it goes each day on the calendar.

Sometimes you recognize the cause: an illness, the death of a relative, a separation, children that overburden you, a very absorbing job … Other times, the reason dissipates and you just feel listless, not wanting to do anything, crying about everything without knowing why, feeling that you wouldn’t even care if life were to end.

It can happen to anyone: you, me, your neighbor next door …

People tell you: “come on, keep going, it’s just a matter of attitude!” However, that’s not entirely true. Yes, attitude is important, motivation as well. But even if you have the best Ferrari in the world, the latest model; if you don’t put gas in it, do you really think it will start?

It definitely will not!

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that is synthesized from the transformation of the amino acid tryptophan (you may know it as “the neurotransmitter of happiness”). When you accumulate many stressful situations, you deplete your serotonin reserves and you begin to have recurring negative thoughts, mood swings, aggressiveness, spontaneous crying, picking at things all day; you may even increase your doses of tobacco, alcohol or coffee.

Terapia sexual

Problems in bed when it’s time to have sex with your partner?

I know that it is a taboo subject, something that you do not usually discuss with anyone, not usually the sort of talk you have over a coffee with whoever. Despite that, I want you to be aware that it is very common and that it can be solved. The most difficult part is letting go of your fear and putting your shame aside. If you have a cavity, you go to the dentist without hesitation before losing a tooth over an infection. No one is going to judge you.

Think for a moment:

What would it mean to you to solve problems in bed that are blocking you?

Nowadays there are therapies that are at your fingertips: it depends on you to seek out a solution.

What difficulties are you having that I can help with (therapy and treatment) if you are a man?

What difficulties are you having that I can help with (therapy and treatment) if you are a woman?

I’d love to help you


I am a “speaker”, I live for the passion of transmitting to others everything that I have learned from books and from my professional experience over the last 16 years on issues of sex, relationships and personal development.

I have been giving around 200 conferences a year at educational centers with parents, laboratories, associations and congresses. Not counting the face-to-face classes in primary and secondary schools. I lost count a long time ago.

I am addicted to the microphone, but much more to the experience of someone from the audience approaching me, sharing their life and intimacy story, and thanking me.

I could talk to you about many topics within my areas of expertise. Here is an example of some of them. However, the best thing you can do is write to me at and tell me what you have in mind. I’ll call you and we can talk calmly.


I’d like to contact you, Rosa

High Impact Group Dynamics

Do you want to live a unique and incomparable experience, individually, as a couple or with a group of friends, where you can reach your full potential without limits?

Do you want your team to develop all its talent and exercise its leadership through camaraderie and not through competition?

If so, I invite you to watch the following video, write to me, and we will make an appointment to clarify the details.

I’m interested in this dynamics

I have spent 16 years studying and practicing Sexology, Sexual Therapy and Couples Therapy. I am a Family Physician, Specialist in Hospital Emergencies and, also, an expert in Brief Systemic Therapy Focused on Solutions. My latest madness has been to obtain the degree of Expert in High Impact Techniques.