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The taboos of this century: your salary, your diet and your "bedroom"

They teach you how to eat, to walk, to talk, and a thousand other things. It’s even feasible for you to learn something new every day, but who taught you to talk about sex? And about relationships?

I have a theory that I don’t know if you will share with me. There are three taboo subjects that are very difficult to talk about: your salary, your diet and your “bed.”

The salary everyone knows by heart, down to the last pennies. However, if you ask someone, they either don’t answer or they say something general. Perhaps they’re not looking at the bank account.

Diet is a topic of easy discussion at a cafeteria table as everyone seems to have an opinion about it: because if you are fat, because you eat a lot, you should take better care of yourself, if you eat meat it’s better if you eat vegetables, if you eat vegetables you will have to eat fish, if you are thin a few more kilos will do you good. And so on, to infinity and beyond.

And about sex … what can you tell me?

We hear about the let’s say “perfect” encounters, the sensual “fairy tales”, and the orgasms of double duration.

Regarding the rest, absolute silence. We assume everyone has desire, no one is hurt through penetration, and with the rigidity of a flagpole ejaculation in unison can be met when craved.

Then comes Pedro with the sales and, surprise!

We learn to survive in a relationship where there are no real discussions, and every day is similar to the previous one, without realizing that we’ve forgotten about passion and novelty amongst comfortable clothes.

Not everything is perfect

I want you to imagine for a moment that you are

taking a walk through a mall.

You stand in front of a spectacular showcase.

All so well placed, without a paper, everything combined to perfection. 

You could stay more than an hour looking at it and you will still believe that 

it will not fit you.

If you walk into the store with the intention of trying something on, it is easy to see a messy sweater, encounter a somewhat rude clerk, and find paper on the floor.

But what if you walked into their storage room? It’s better not to even imagine it. Everything would be thrown around, or almost everything.

Packaged in boxes, dust on the remains of the previous season, and a lot of chaos. Certainly, before taking it out, it has to be pristine again or no one would buy it.

In intimate relationships we do the same: we see other peoples’ showcases and everything seems perfect.

We know the stores inside our closest friends and we compare it with our own relationships’ “storage room”, making it clear that we’re always missing out.

Don’t worry, in this life you learn, unlearn and relearn everything.

Are you up for it?

Love has an expiration date: it is not eternal. The question is: how and when will it happen?; only you have the answer

“En pareja hay que invertir una hora al día, una tarde a la semana y un fin de semana al mes para seguir creciendo y no separarse"

- Rosa Montaña

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